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Hartwell Docks offers affordable, high quality floating dock systems. Our docks are designed to provide outstanding stability, strength and durability. Our attention to detail and aesthetics make them a perfect addition to any home or getaway cabin.


All steel surfaces are either galvanized, covered by composite materials, or sandblasted and spray coated with an advanced application process to provide longevity and years of service. Hartwell Docks also offers our floating dock systems with an aluminum substructure, as well.


Hartwell Docks provides a complete package floating dock system. Our docks are designed on our high end computer stations and built to order in our state of the art manufacturing facility. Finally, we deliver and install your new dock.


Standard or Custom?

We offer many layouts and configurations to meet your requirements. Looking for something unique? Custom orders are not a problem.

From large multi-level, multi-bay docks to small platforms, Hartwell Docks offers affordable proven dock systems solutions!



Hartwell Docks manufactures and installs high quality aluminum gangways to provide access to our floating dock systems and structures. We deck our gangways with our exclusive aluminum deck surface or a composite wood. There are many options that can be incorporated into a gangway to make it a perfect fit for your needs.


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Attention to Detail - One Example

Look at the support system under the roof of many dock systems and you will see a ledge on the beam that the roof rests upon. Wasps and birds like to use the available edge to build their home. You can probably guess what will be landing on your nice expensive boat if a bird builds a nest directly above it.


Hartwell Docks

Because we design and manufacture our own docks, we incorporate improvements like the above example quickly and efficiently. Just one more reason to get your next dock from Hartwell Docks.



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About Us

In 2005, we purchased several investment properties (lots) on Lake Hartwell to develop. As you are most likely aware, having a quality dock on the lot improves the value and makes the property more attractive to a potential buyer. We did just as you have (or will) and called several dock manufacturers around the lake. We were taken back by the lead times or what seemed a lack of knowledge, or better yet the fact of not receiving a return call.


Being second generation steel fabricators, we knew we had the team to form a successful business plan that would surpass what the competition was offering to us. Our successful team of in-house designers, engineers, draftsmen, and skilled certified welders has worked hard to earn highly-rated awards and certifications in the structural steel industry by such groups as the American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC).


Our dock system has incorporated vast improvements over many of the docks you see on the lake today. The steel beam main frame of our dock system is manufactured using the many high-end expensive CNC machines we own and is assembled with welded and bolted connections (A325 structural bolts, the same ones we erect high rise buildings with). There is no other dock builder we know that can provide this service unless they manually drilled each and every hole for a bolted connection which would eat up most all their labor.


With our experience and expertise in structural steel fabrication and with our precision CNC equipment we are able to produce a dock that will outlast, outperform and withstand the elements better than any of our competitor's docks.


We invite you to check out our plant in Winder Georgia and see our skilled team producing your dock.


Thank you for considering Hartwell Docks!


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Hartwell Docks is a dock manufacturer and dealer specializing in the Lake Hartwell and surrounding areas. We are dedicated to building and selling the highest quality docks, boat lifts and PWC lifts at affordable prices.

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Hartwell Docks provides sales & service to the following lakes:
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 · Lake Jocasse
 · Lake Secession
 · Lake Thurmond
 · Lake Lanier
With many satisfied clients, we are confident that a floating dock system by Hartwell Docks will exceed your expectations.